Single person screed operator

Your site for affordable and durable vibrating concrete power screeds. Vibra Strike concrete power screeds were the first revolutionary screeds to make concrete screeding easy. Vibra Strike power screeds allow you to screed concrete from form to form or wet screed.

Vibrating Concrete Power Screed
The Vibra Strike vibrating concrete power screed is a development of the concrete screed that has revolutionized the concrete business.  This concrete power screed was developed from the insight of a concrete man, Tommy Lindley.  Though revolutionary in concept,  it is simplistic in design and makes it possible for a single operator to do more work in less time.  Thus the Vibra Strike machine makes it possible to do a job more efficiently and quickly, and for the contractor with multiple employees to take on more jobs while reducing

Vibra Strike Improvements
Even today, Lindley Inc. has continued to improve the Vibra Strike concrete power screed.  Once outside sources were contracted to produce the many parts needed to make a Vibra Strike screed.  Quantity and Quality are essential in the making of the Vibra Strike concrete screed, so in order to assure themselves that the parts were of the best quality, Vibra Strike decided to make the parts themselves and then they would be assured that the quality would be the best.  They made  large investments in the areas of computer controlled machine tools, CAD/CAM applications and good working facilities in order to produce the best quality machine.   Lindley Inc. now has one of the finest equipped manufacturing facilities in the area.    The company commits itself to making sure of the quality of its product.  They continue to strive to make the Vibra Strike vibrating concrete screeds the best and most efficient concrete screed on the market at an affordable cost.  
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